What To Consider When Deciding To Buy A Used Or New Tractor

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If you're thinking of buying a tractor for sale to make chores around your property more convenient to do, then you're probably trying to decide if you should buy a used tractor or a new one. There are pro and cons of each, so it comes down to how you plan to use the tractor and your budget. Consider some of these things when making your decision.

The Type Of Attachments You Want 

Think about the things you want to do around your farm in the coming years. You may want a tractor now for mowing fields and hauling feed, but if you have plans to clear land, dig trenches, plow fields, or construct outbuildings, you'll need to buy equipment to do those jobs, and the equipment needs to attach to your tractor. A tractor that's several years old might not be suitable for modern equipment. Looking to the future is important when buying a tractor so that you get many years of use from it. Consider all the attachments you may want to buy and then find the right tractor that fits your needs.

The Expense Of Buying And Maintaining

There are many variables when considering the cost of a tractor, whether it's new or used. A used tractor will cost less initially, but you may have to spend more money on repairs over the next few years. You also have to consider the expected lifespan of the tractor. Tractors last for decades if they're cared for properly, but eventually an old tractor you rely on as a workhorse will turn into vintage farm equipment that can't be used any longer. New tractors often come with attractive financing deals that help you buy with payments you can afford, and as long as you care for the tractor, it should last for many years. A used tractor costs less upfront, which makes it an attractive option when you're first starting out and not sure if farming is going to be a good match for you. If farming is enjoyable and successful, you might consider upgrading to a new tractor later and use the old tractor as a trade-in.

If you grew up on a farm and have been surrounded by farmers all your life, then buying a tractor might be an easier decision than if you're brand new to farming and country life. Since even a used tractor is a big investment, get help and advice from a tractor dealer and other farmers, so you make a wise decision. Also, if you buy a used tractor, consider buying it from a dealer rather than a private seller so that you reduce the risk of buying something that has serious mechanical problems. In some ways buying a tractor is like buying a car, but a tractor is much more than a vehicle. It's an investment in your farm.

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